INSOURCE Safety Associates (“INSOURCE”) is a consulting firm offering services to businesses in support of their…

  • Employee Health and Safety Programs,
  • Environmental Safety Management Programs
  • Risk Management Programs, and
  • Loss Prevention Programs.

Formed in 1998, INSOURCE has become a trusted ally to clients throughout the United States, partnering with them in their efforts to…

  • provide optimal occupational health and safety for their employees, and
  • comply with company and regulatory standards.

Attributable to its highly-qualified and experienced team of Workplace Safety Professionals and rapidly expanding infrastructure that includes primary markets across the country , INSOURCE is uniquely positioned to meet special workplace conditions of clients that include a wide variety of business types…

  • from manufacturing and process industry, to heavy industry and construction,
  • from transportation and warehouse operations, to service centers and municipalities,
  • from health care facilities and administrative offices, to retailers and wholesalers,
  • from large corporations with multiple locations, to shops with 10 employees...

The levels of INSOURCE services range from providing supplemental services to clients with existing programs to effectively functioning as the employee health and safetydepartment” for clients.

With corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, INSOURCE regional client services centers include Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas and Salt Lake, with locally focused business units that will exceed 55 locations in primary U.S. markets in 2005.

INSOURCE provides comprehensive health and safety services to clients, including…

  • On-Site Inspections and Audits...

...OSHA-Simulated, OSHA Compliance Assessment,
...EPA, DOT Compliance and Adherence,
...Company Safety and Environmental Policy Adherence;

  • Employee Training – On-Site, Our Facilities, On Line ...

...Safety Program and Policy Awareness,
...Environmental Program and Process Familiarization,
…OSHA-Required Topics and Courses,
…Topics and Courses in accordance with EPA, DOT, Company Policy guidelines,
…Recommended and Advisable Safety Practices;

  • Written Plans, Policies, Procedures – development, review, refinement…

...required by OSHA and other regulating entities,
...Company/Employee Safety guidelines and practices,
...Environmental Standards;

  • Safety and Environmental Project Management;
  • Safety Culture Adjustment Programs…

...initiatives to establish SAFETY as a mindset, a “way of life,” throughout a company; identifying management goals and objectives for overall workplace safety; implementing and maintaining associated culture changes and enhancements “top to bottom.”

INSOURCE partners with insurance providers to affect conditions and mindsets of their clients in order to improve workplace safety, minimize risks, and – for the clients – minimize rate factors.