INSOURCE Safety Associates, partners with clients for…

  • optimal employee health and safety;
  • minimal workplace risk and loss;
  • enhanced profitability!

Employees deserve to work in a safe and healthy environment. Conscientious employers strive to achieve this objective by developing comprehensive safety policies and procedures, incorporating health and safety into company cultures, raising employee awareness and fostering safety as part of overall quality processes. Employees must be thoroughly and routinely trained and re-trained in established safety and occupational health policies and practices. Employee health and safety programs and procedures must be reviewed, evaluated and improved upon consistently.

Not only are employers morally obligated to ensure safe and healthy workplaces for their employees, they must also comply with the established guidelines of OSHA, EPA, DOT and other regulatory agencies in order to avoid exposure to potentially substantial fines and other serious consequences.

The cost to U.S. employers of accidental occupational injuries and workplace-acquired illness is staggering, over $152 billion in 2003 according to the National Safety Council. Fines for non-compliance with government agency standards can be significant. But legal expenses and money rewarded to plaintiffs resulting from lawsuits by employees for injuries, illness and negligence can extensively damage, even financially cripple, businesses. Risk, liability, and loss associated with workplace accidents and illness are dramatically decreased by comprehensive employee health and safety programs.

INSOURCE becomes a partner with clients…a “partner” in real and practical terms – NOT a jaunty reference disguising a “seller” to a “customer.” Our approach is unique. Our Workplace Safety Professionals are there. On site. Involved. Participating. Familiar faces. Helping to formulate and improve policies and procedures. Auditing. Conducting inspections. Training. We’re there as extensions of safety programs already in place – to augment and provide incremental functions. We’re there as extensions of management to effectively function as the “safety departments” of our clients. We’re there to be part of safety committees. We’re there when OSHA comes. We’re there to promote employee health and safety, to assure regulatory compliance, to minimize risk, and to increase profitability for our clients.

At INSOURCE we genuinely endeavor to be part of the integral employee safety and health cultures within the facilities of our clients. Whether we are functioning as “the safety department” or performing ancillary services that are integrated into an existing program, we work together with our clients in joint collaborative efforts in pursuit of their company objectives. Our aim is for our clients to view us as colleagues and associates…sharing in management goals of achieving optimal employee health and safety, minimal workplace risk and loss, enhanced profitability. Yes…we provide services that are, by definition, outsourced by our clients. But at INsource we strive to be INvolved.

We value the fact that we are associated with most of our clients for years. Even though we are available for and perform many one-time services, the vast majority (95%) of what we do is included in and covered by extended term arrangements. This creates ideal conditions for us to truly become integrated into the health and safety programs of our clients.

Our first efforts with a new client are focused on getting to know the client. And we do what we do on site . We learn about the client’s business. The type of work done. Processes being used. Relevant regulatory and compliance considerations. We make sure that we know what the client expects of IN source . If we are to provide supplemental functions and tasks to augment an existing program, the client simply lets us know what our assignments are…what we are to do, how and when. Our Workplace Safety Professionals know how to be good subordinates to a client’s safety manager. If we are to play a more prominent role in the management of the employee health and safety program for a client, we embark on a focused process of…

…assessing the status of existing programs and their components (i.e., company policies, written procedures and plans, employee training, etc.),

…evaluating the levels of compliance with relevant regulations (i.e., OSHA, EPA, DOT, etc.) based on workplace factors,

…evaluating the levels of adherence to company policies, objectives, and requirements,

and from this information…

…determining what needs to be accomplished in order to develop the employee health and safety program suitable to the particular circumstances of the client.

Then we formulate a plan and propose it to the client. Once finalized, specific tasks and functions are carried out in accordance with an Action Timetable that is convenient to employees’ schedules and the client’s business.

Having made it clear that it is important to INSOURCE to have lasting relationships with our clients, we are not reluctant to assist clients in developing their own health and safety programs that are ultimately managed by their personnel. We only hope that, in such cases, it takes a year or two and that, when we’re no longer needed, we might get an occasional birthday card or something from them.