INSOURCE employs a distinguished group of employee safety and environmental health professionals and specialists. These are the individuals who provide services to our clients. To the extent desired by our clients and as they direct, INSOURCE Workplace Safety Professionals visit their facilities. They work on their premises with their employees. They become familiar with particular conditions and situations that require special consideration in developing sound safety and environmental practices. They train the employees. They sit with them in committee meetings. They work with management to meet company objectives and formulate associated policies, procedures and programs.

INSOURCE Workplace Safety Professionals come to us from business and industry. They have had applied experience. Their combined practical backgrounds include all workplace setting and circumstances. They are academically credentialed. With each other to call on, they can meet any particular or peculiar safety and environmental situation that clients have. Specific disciplines and areas of expertise of INSOURCE Workplace Safety Professionals include, but are not limited to…

  • Certified Safety Professionals (CSP);
  • Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH);
  • Occupational Environmental Specialists;
  • Board Certified Occupational Physicians;
  • Managers of Environmental Health and Safety (MESH);
  • Workplace Nursing (RN) Specialists;
  • Epidemiologists;
  • Toxologists;
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Specialists (CHMA);
  • Chemical Engineers (MS-ChE);
  • OSHA-501 Outreach Instructors (General Industry);
  • OSHA-500 Outreach Instructors (Construction);
  • Professional Engineers (PF);
  • Safety Policy and Program Developers
  • Inspectors and Auditors (for OSHA, EPA, DOT, etc., compliance);
  • Process Safety Management Specialists.

INSOURCE Workplace Safety Professionals have the experience, know-how and resources to assist clients with employee safety and environmental issues, compliance concerns and management goals. They help implement or improve existing occupational safety programs. They become partners in increasing employee awareness of safety, reducing workplace injuries, decreasing accident and injury rates, increasing productivity. They can be a fresh and objective “set of eyes” to evaluate existing programs, to recognize safety and environmental issues that can cost time and money, to recommend corrections and assist in carrying them out. They help clients establish links between identification and control of risk, the general health of their employees, and business successes. They know how dramatically safety can effect loss prevention – for better or worse. They recognize the value and benefits of an integrated approach to health, safety and environmental management programs…that such programs need to embrace all areas of business operations. They assist our clients in achieving this goal. They help IN source clients create safe, healthy, efficient and productive working environments. They promote the concepts that good safety policies and practices, combined with good worker training, contribute to better product and service quality, worker satisfaction, and directly improve bottom lines of clients.

INSOURCE Workplace Safety Professionals have it.